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Potato Chips Production Line
Potato Chips & Fries Production Line(Cassava/Banana)

Potato Chips & Fries Production Line(Cassava/Banana)


As a worldwide easy getting food material, potatoes are second only to rice in human consumption. Meanwhile, potato chips & fries are human's favorite fast snack food. Every year, the whole world have a huge requirement of this kind of snack food. From McDonald’s, KFC, Burger King to small scale business, from Simplot to McCain, delicious and good taste chips & fries have been the most popular food.
Based on this requirement, our company develops different potato processing machines and equipment, such as washing machine, peeling machine, cutting machine, blanching machine, frying machine, flavoring machine, packing machine, etc. Further, the whole fried chips&fries line and frozen fries line are also be designed and manufactured after long time hard work and study. These lines and equipment have been widely praised. We will continually offer the best machines to our customers. Hope our machines can also help you and enhance your business in the near future.

A.Fully Automatic Potato Chips & Fries Production Line

B.Economical Type Potato Chips & Fries Production Line(Banana & Cassava)

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