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Fruit Grading&Waxing Machine

Fruit Grading&Waxing Machine

This machine is used for fruit washing, waxing and grading, such as apple, citrus, orange, pear, lemon, etc, to make the fruit look bright, and improve the fruit retail price. At the same time, after waxing, a layer of wax membrane will be coated on the fruit to keep the fruit away from bacteria and elongate the fruit storage time. So that different people can taste different fruit that from distance. The whole machine is fully automatic. The machine can also be manufactured according to different customer’s requirement. It is the best production line for primary fruit processing.
Flow Chart: Feeding--Washing--Drying--Waxing--Polishing--Grading
Area Requirement: 100-150Square Meter
Output Capacity: 3-4Tons per hour

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