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Installation Projects
Fruit Grading Machine in Georgia

Installation, training and visitation in Georgia

We arranged 1 engineer to Georgia for installation, commission, training and visitation on June, 2016. There are a lot of our customers for fruits, herbs and vegetables processing. This time we offered service to 3 customers for fruit grading machine, drying machine and cutting machine.
1.Installation and Commission of Fruit Grading Machine for first customer

Customer's plant

Installation Finished

Commission and Testing with Fruit

2.Commission and Training of Drying Machine (SR-ADM2) for second customer

Customer's plant

Training and Testing Finished

3.Visitation of third customer for drying machine(SR-ADM8) and cutting machine(SR-QSC200H)

SR-ADM Drying Machine in Customer Plant

Trolleys and trays with herb products

SR-QSC200H Cutting Machine in customer plant