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Almonds&Nuts Processing Machines

Almonds&Nuts Processing Machines

1. Cracking Machine

Almond cracking machine(shelling machine) adopt special knife to break the shell without harm for the seed. Composed of chain driving, vibration charging, this machine has a compact structure and perfect design, low crashing ratio and is the best almond processing equipment.
This machine professional use for broken different seed with hard shell ,such as almonds, badam, apricot seed, filbert, hazelnuts, etc. Our company can offer two model of this machine, ASM400&ASM200. ASM200 is equipped with one level knife with grading mesh. If the small nuts can’t be cracked, they need to be put into machine again after first cracking. ASM400 is equipped with three level knives and grading mesh.It can broken the different size nuts without cracking again.


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2.Almonds Separating Machine(Seeds Getting Machine)

1. This machine professionally used for separating the shell and the seeds after cracking&shelling, such as almond, walnut, apricot seed,hazelnuts,etc.
2. The machine is based on the different weight rate of seed and hull, adopted vibration principle to separate them with high efficiency.
3. The seed will discharge on the one top side of the machine and hull will discharge on the other side.
4.The machine is easy to operate with reliable performance.


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