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Ice Cream Cone Machine
Full Automatic Sugar Rolled Cone Machine


1. Material: the whole body is of thick 304 stainless steel

2. Frequency converting control, for more stable performance and accuracy

3. Mould is of high aluminum,of better diathermancy. And its surface is of insulating material in order to non-stick on the cone

4. The temperature of upper mould and below mould can be adjusted as per different material and recipe

5. Mould can be changed and customized according to your expected size and shape.

6. It is suggested to purchase one machine and several moulds, then you can change different moulds to produce different kinds of cone. The moulds are replaceable.

7. It greatly saves the labor and improves the efficiency

8. Energy saving, mostly it is powered by LPG/Natural gas

9. Waffle ingredient recipe is offered